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    As Mitchell was writing this, construction of the Cobalt facility near Kabul was nearing completion. It is virtually soundproof and has a steel door with two keyed locks. Some bitch that just wants to scream all the time. Any time you get out of line, one or both will be used on your body and I assure you, it will not be pleasant. Perfectly normal, under the circumstances. Anytime that you are left unattended in the room, your wrists will be chained and there are electronic sensors to, uh, let us know if you move around too much. Your wrists, ankles, knees and hips will be strapped to a metal frame to hold your body in that position. Your first day here is not gonna be too difficult. Those in the regular cells had a plastic bucket; those in sleep deprivation wore diapers.

    Sex torture room

    You are disoriented and scared, too, I would imagine. I would really hate to have to dump that pretty little body off in a canyon somewhere, to rot. His trailer also featured a gynecology table with a mirror set above it and an electric torture device. Are you comfortable right now? Occasionally, for variety, we like to keep two slaves at the same time. The room is totally escape proof, even with tools. Around here, your mouth is for sucking, not talking. We may tease you a little bit with some of our more humane toys, but nothing serious. He was a father to two daughters, both who ended up living with him at some point in their childhood. We take four or five different girls each year, depending on our urges and sometimes accidental encounters. Remember that here you are a slave and failure to respond to a command will definitely get you in trouble. What can I say? If you can learn to do all of that, there will not be a great deal of punishment. For what you are gonna be used for, clothing would just be in the way. You may be required to service them occasionally. For a little while, at least, you need to get your shit together and listen to this tape. Your feet will be in the stirrups and your knees will be pulled wide apart, with everything exposed. A hand-made coffin, part of the sick sexual torture games. Any time that you are spoken to, you will be required to respond and it will be with proper speech. Some girls tend to be a little rebellious. It has a long, heavy chain that is padlocked to a ring in the floor. Vigil escaped by fighting off Hendy with an ice pick. Your first day here is not gonna be too difficult. So take your time. They are both hypnotic drugs that will make you extremely susceptible to hypnosis, autohypnosis and hypnotic suggestion. Our fetishes and hangups include stringent bondage, dungeon games, a little sadism, nothing serious but uncomfortable and sometimes painful. You are a slave.

    Sex torture room

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    Women's Prison Punishment

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      You are in training, so it will just be a quick blast. When the victims were tied up and drugged, he forced them to listen to the sinister tape before being tortured and sodomized.

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