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    His books include Monster Theory Minnesota, When it becomes clear the situation at home will only perpetuate her cutting and burning, Lee decides to get a job. Exploring topics from prostitution to fetishism to gender-bending, "Sex Monsters" bids farewell to heteronormative depictions of sexual interactions, opting to transform the visual vocabulary into more transgressive territory. Beideck will use the proceeds in his quest to land a distribution deal for Drivers Wanted. Most often this hushed interaction takes the shape of scandalous nude portraits, ranging from suggestive to voyeuristic, or perhaps some light erotica best described as vanilla. To put it simply, your enjoyment of Secretary hinges on the answer to this question: For more of Jon's unsanitized movie ramblings, visit his site, Planet Sick-Boy www.

    Sex and monsters

    Mike Krim Mike Krim's neon-tinged photographs turn strip clubs into a contemporary Edward Hopper piece, while Lorenzo Fariello captures a swarm of condom wrappers, the metallic plastic units mirroring gems in a treasure chest. Through a selection of works you'd never want to admire in the presence of a parent, the show entangles the viewer in a sweaty, sticky visual event that is sure to cause heavy blushing and shortness of breath. Get a sneak preview of the NSFW goodies below, but we have a feeling you'll have to attend to see where the wildest things are. Sex is one of those films that aims to confuse director Julio Medem's last film, Lovers of the Arctic Circle, was a palindrome about characters named Anna and Otto. In the giant he sees an uncanny figure, absolutely other and curiously familiar, that serves to define the boundaries of masculine embodiment. We've seen Spader in this kind of role so many times, it doesn't even phase us anymore how adept he is at being creepy. I first locked eyes on Spanish actress Paz Vega in Toronto last month, at the "international" premiere of The Other Side of the Bed, a sex romp with about a dozen song-and-dance numbers. Reading a set of medieval texts in which giants and dismemberment figure prominently, Jeffrey Jerome Cohen brings a critical psychoanalytic perspective to bear on the question of identity formation-particularly masculine identity-in narrative representation. The show will be on display from September 11 to September 13, at No Romance galleries in New York; a short zine will accompany the exhibition. Anybody expecting local filmmaker Tim Beideck's follow-up to the very funny Drivers Wanted to be another Kevin Smith-inspired laugh riot might be in for a shock. Making matters worse are Lee's sister's Amy Locane wedding, which is taking place the very day Lee comes home, as well as the constant wooing of an old boyfriend Jeremy Davies , who has a whole slew of mental problems all his own. But it isn't over-the-top or full of graphic sex, and that makes the film either extremely cool or a complete letdown, depending on your level of comfort with the whole spanking thing. On the other hand, if you're simply looking for a wholesome BDSM love story, you needn't bother with the question. Cohen has a voracious, even gargantuan appetite for cultural references, both medieval and contemporary, textual and theoretical…this makes [him] an illuminating and pellucid critic. This is a compelling inquiry into the phenomenon of giants and giant-slaying in various texts from the Anglo-Saxon period to late Middle English, including Beowulf, several works by Chaucer, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. And then there's Jennifer Calandra's Robert Crumb-esque graphic illustration of a naughty cop orgy -- unsettling, funny and arousing all at once. She escapes to a remote island to mourn, meeting and moving into a guesthouse owned by Elena Najwa Nimri , who we later learn is the mother of a child fathered by Lorenzo. Tags History , Literature , Theory and Philosophy A monster lurks at the heart of medieval identity, and this book seeks him out. Cohen is one of a small number of young medievalists who are already bringing about a large change in the discipline. Of Giants is a joy to read. Because of the special Sundance award, you expect something really sick to happen that never does. And he isn't even the monster! James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal in "Secretary. Jennifer Calandra If most erotic artworks consist of a conventionally sexy lady making eyes at the viewer, this New York happening is a small dog getting voraciously physical with his chew-toy -- far more bizarre, nasty and impossible to look away from. This, we soon find out, is really the end of the story, as the rest plays out in a long, narrated flashback that begins six months earlier, on the day Lee was sprung from the nuthouse.

    Sex and monsters

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      Secretary takes place in Florida and opens with Lee Holloway Maggie Gyllenhaal happily parading around an office in some kind of bondage yoke. The gear doesn't seem to impede her ability to perform her job, as she swishes around to Angelo Badalamenti's hip score.

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      Sex is one of those films that aims to confuse director Julio Medem's last film, Lovers of the Arctic Circle, was a palindrome about characters named Anna and Otto. Its wide-ranging theoretical base makes it, in my opinion, much superior to studies by David Williams, Claude Kappler, and Claude Lecouteaux.

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      In other cases, special award recipients have much darker undertones, like David Cronenberg's Crash or the brand-new Secretary, which took home a Special Jury Prize for its "originality" at this year's Sundance fest. Tags History , Literature , Theory and Philosophy A monster lurks at the heart of medieval identity, and this book seeks him out.

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      Gyllenhaal she's Jake's sister steals the show, both by default and because her performance is notably strong. James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal in "Secretary.

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