• Malayalam aunty sex stories


    Our mouths were playing with each other. This made her blowjob even more powerful. Her boobs were fully open to me. I told it was an English movie. My boner became even more hard as I realized am all alone with her in my room. I asked her a condom and she said that would be necessary. I realized I got a boner and was trying to get rid of it. I kissed her cheeks.

    Malayalam aunty sex stories

    It was half an hour and still she did not leave the room. I was sitting in the hall sipping on the lemonade she just gave me. I removed my track pant and shirt standing naked in front of her. She then licked my dick from head to balls. Her whole body was shivering in pleasure. At first it was painful for both of us. I was too excited and kissed her hard. They both sat on the floor and Geetha aunty was wearing a nightwear. I too came inside her. Any comments or if any ladies are interested in my company contact me at raviteja gmail. I knew it was the right moment. I have never seen an ass that perfect even on young girls. She could not control my mouth teasing her boobs. I am doing engineering and I am right now in my third year. I felt a very ecstatic feeling on my dick and knew i was about me come. Man, those hips were curved so perfectly that gave her an awesome figure. My dick was trying to tear out from my pants. I felt happy and took the speed to my maximum. I pushed my dick into her pussy. I have a 7 inch thick cock slightly curved which ladies actually love. We kissed deeply for more than 10 minutes. I saw that she was reading the Velamma pdf file. I was so excited and started started sucking her boobs more ferociously. We both then went to take bath where she gave me a blowjob twice. I started to lick her pussy.

    Malayalam aunty sex stories

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