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    The Complete Powerline below is a system I recommend, providing good control over speed and excellent torque in lower speed operation. The Motor is the heart of the machine, and determines its performance characteristics. Link to comprehensive video instructions provided. In the torque range on a sex machine, we don't need to employ a key. Sex Machine himself ; Many of these parts and components are the same high quality pieces used on fine handcrafted machines from Orgasm Alley, designs proven over more than a dozen years in the market with thousands of customers. A general assessment of motor power is horsepower, officially Note that these two pictures show completed machines, as available from Orgasmalley. Buying the kit represents a slight savings over the individual components offered below, and includes connecting hardware.

    Hot alley sex

    I apologize, but I also do not provide pictures on request. AC motors can certainly be used, but they are less efficient to control, and controls for them are more expensive. Further, many motors I list are gone within a week. This control will overvolt most motors if desired, which is generally safe to about 1. When possible, I source surplus and used motors with interesting specs and offer them on this page at a good price. Bodine motors are of extremely high quality, and are the quietest motors available in my opinion. This is a complete solution between motor and dildo. If you do see a motor you want, particularly if the listing does not indicate that I have multiples, and double-particularly if it is a larger higher torque motor, you might want to grab it. Excellent motor for all vaginal and anal play, used on several Orgasm Alley machines including Invader models, Gang Bang, Stallion models, and Toolbox. Probe Beast Complete Kit: When a good used or surplus option is possible -- such as motors -- I'll offer those at a significant dicount when I can. Each machine requires four basic components -- powerline, motor, power transmission, and dildo system -- connected by a frame or body. Does not include any motor, nor a dildo. A brief word about motor brands. They will happily burn up, especailly if stalled for any length of time. Most right angle units are foot mount, with bolts running into the base of the gearbox. If you're overseas in a country with VAC power grid, you can either build a VAC machine and employ a voltage converter, or you need a motor rated for VDC. I really only recommend this approach for a first-time build, planning to upgrade once your concept has been tested. A simple and inexpensive powerline can be made using the schematic at the bottom of this page. Kit does not include a dildo system Specific package may vary from that shown at left, and this piece may be new surplus. More important is the combination of RPM and torque. Buying the kit represents a slight savings over the individual components offered below, and includes connecting hardware. The Big Picture View It's important to understand the basic construction of a sex machine, and therefore the way these parts interact to make one function. Please note that I am not in the business of "DIY sex machine builder training"! Your local Radio Shack may stock a suitable rectifier as well. They may be run with the fan control circuit at the bottom of this page, as long as you add a

    Hot alley sex

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      Here you'll find all of the mechanical stuff you need to build the sex machine of your dreams, along with a bit of advice and commentary from Mr.

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