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    Is that what you're implying? It was really near my apartment. This is the scary one. Getty Images There are those who claim Derek Jeter is overrated. And ate there several times a week, presumably. Really, living in Trump Tower is the most embarrassing part of the whole thing for him. What does Zagat's say about Nino's? Who comes up with a story like that?

    Derek jeter sex and the city

    Getty Images There are those who claim Derek Jeter is overrated. Jeter finally touched on the gift basket story this week, days ahead of his retirement. I don't know what's in there. That's the equivalent of Jeter's "I just went and didn't feel like reciprocating, sorry" basket—filled with juicy mangos and some intriguing glass sculpture and an autographed Derek Jeter 5x7. It's true and I won't disagree with it, and neither will anyone who has ever even walked past a stack of New York Posts for sale. Is she a Grammy-winning multi-platinum recording artist known for piques of unfettered madness? Everyone thought he was joking around until he started handing them out to the press corps. Derek Jeter has 15 MPG highway and a cool sunroof. And a website you should really check out, of course. Has he been linked with Peaches? A lock of your hair that he cut off while you were asleep. But credit where it's due: Nothing illegal here, just some Hall of Fame, non-Centaur egotistical athlete stuff. It was, in short, a lot of skeeviness and grandiosity and celebrity-brain mal-judgment to take in on one's own. One photograph in Jeter Unfiltered catches him in silhouette staring out the open window of a car. Who comes up with a story like that? If you have sex with Mariano Rivera, you are Mariano Rivera's wife and do not need to go home. Like about how furtive and housebound his love life is? As she performed, Jeter put his hand on her head and said "Yeah Jeets, yeah Jeets," as she kept going. Also the star shortstop "has an edge. It was really near my apartment. Then perhaps she'd enjoy some game-used sliding pads. Were you surprised to see that Derek Jeter treats his anonymous sex partners like they were attendees at the People's Choice Awards? I like the idea that, somewhere between the end of foreplay and the signing of the non-disclosure agreement, he "takes the temperature" of his partner and finds out what kind of memorabilia would be appropriate. But one thing even the harshest Jeter cynic would have to admit is that the soon-to-be-retired Yankees shortstop was, on the surface, one of the more humble famous athletes in North American sports history. So a second take on the Zagat review would be:

    Derek jeter sex and the city

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    The Derek Jeter Sex Basket!

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    • JoJonos

      As she performed, Jeter put his hand on her head and said "Yeah Jeets, yeah Jeets," as she kept going.

    • Malazahn

      I think the real takeaway from this whole story, besides Derek Jeter's icy inhumanity and sad, furtive romantic life, is that you should definitely never ever have sex with Roger Clemens.

    • Tojarn

      Also a videotape of him wandering through your house while you're not there. I actually kinda believe this.

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