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    People cope with their bladder issues when it comes to sex in different ways including: As the umbrella touched Debbie Doc moved it towards the top of her slit until it was just below her clit. Then one by one each man took her again, pumping her pussy hard, feeling her rock hard bladder pressing down on his cocks. Jim could see an umbrella shaped piece of clear plastic on the end. Catheters are medical devices that can be inserted in the body to treat diseases or perform a surgical procedure. After it pops over the head it starts to roll up and down your shaft as you fuck.

    Catheterization sex sex stories

    Doc let out a laugh and began to push it in again. Lying down on top he took her hands from her belly, linked his fingers together with hers and pulled them above her head, holding them there. Suddenly he pushed and the umbrella tip disappeared into her. She was filled again and again with hot sticky baby seed. Her entire body began to shake as if she were having a seizure. The goal is to have a good steady stream of urine to wash any bacteria from the bladder. He pressed the needle into her inner thigh and injected the liquid. Then you'll just poop him right out. Doc kept pressing down as two more of the men joined him. Doc and one of the other men grabbed Debbie by her arms and legs carrying her into the kitchen where Doc had set up an IV bag stand by the table. She drifted in and out of semi-consciousness as each man emptied his balls into her. I discovered the joys of cock-stuffing many years ago and so wish to impart my limited wisdom to those that wish to learn how to play safely with sounds and catheters. He ratcheted it open to about an inch and slowly lowered the snakes head down and into the opening. Dilators are primarily used to open and dilate the cervix to gain access to the uterine cavity, but can also be used as sounds. Doc put all his weight on her belly bulge, which made the short, clamped tube that was sticking out of her pee hole stand straight up at attention. Then one by one each man took her again, pumping her pussy hard, feeling her rock hard bladder pressing down on his cocks. Two men held her legs apart with her ass just barely on the edge of the table. Doc undid his pants and let them drop to the floor along with his underwear. Consider the type of birth control you may want to use. Do not allow someone you do not trust to put a sound or catheter in your body. Doc lay on top of her for a few moments as he enjoyed the feeling the warmth of her cum filled womb inflated and pressurized by his recent orgasm. Penis Plugs and penis wands are basically variations of the sound concept being smaller in size and of varying shapes In medicine, a catheter is a thin tube made from medical grade materials serving a broad range of functions. You should follow the specific instructions provided by your healthcare provider and the intermittent catheterization solution you are using. The men started laughing as suddenly a warm yellow jet of piss shot into the air from it like from a fire hose almost touching the ceiling before arching back down and hitting the kitchen floor just short of the sink. Sexual joy is achieved as the opening becomes larger and this practice is often referred to as cock stuffing. Doc released the sack and it fell to the floor.

    Catheterization sex sex stories

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    Catheterization of the Urethra in Girls

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      Sexual joy is achieved as the opening becomes larger and this practice is often referred to as cock stuffing.

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      Debbie screamed again as her eyes crossed and looked like they were about to pop out of her head. Any type of lubricant which contains unnecessary added ingredients will disturb the urethra and can cause irritation and infection.

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      Many times this form of sexual fetish will incorporate medical role playing, even including dressing up as say a doctor or urologist conducting their examinations. Debbie moaned with relief as her bladder emptied itself.

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